Monday, 2 March 2015

The Bonsai, Northbridge

My friend Pen and I headed into the city to see a show at Fringe World a few weeks ago. I got trapped in a line for a full carpark, so was running late (I feel like being late is a common occurrence in my blog posts of late). Anyway because I was late, we couldn't go to the restaurant we had wanted to which was a bit of a walk from our Fringe venue and instead headed down William and Roe streets and found ourselves at The Bonsai. If you asked me to describe The Bonsai (which you didn't), I’d say it’s a modern fusion Japanese tapas restaurant. Dishes are ordered to be shared and dishes come with a twist… think guacamole, salsa and the like.

We ordered three hot plates - beef and asparagus skewers, portobello mushrooms and prawn skewers which was enough for a light pre-show dinner.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thai Orchid, Inglewood

Mum wanted to do something low-key and local for her birthday this year. Our first thought was to visit Three-Coins Trattoria but they were closed, so instead we headed to the restaurant next door, Thai Orchid. 

After pre-drinks (a bottle of Mumm champagne... yes, Mumm on Mum's birthday - this was 100% intentional!) at Mum and Dad's house, we headed down the road 30 minutes early for our 7pm booking. The restaurant only had three other groups, so they were able to seat us immediately.

Mum and Dad shared a serving of spring rolls for entree which were devoured before I had a chance to take a photo.

We ordered three dishes which we shared for mains. The first to arrive at our table was the Pad Thai, which was my favourite dish of the evening. Nutty, sweet and slick. I know 'slick' might be an odd word to use but I recently had a noodle dish that was so dry, that all the noodles clumped together. This was not the case at Thai Orchid!

Pad Thai $20

Pad Thai $20

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

PappaRich, Carousel

In late 2014, I was invited to the opening of PappaRich Carousel. Due to a series of unfortunate events and a busy schedule, I wasn't able to attend any of the blogger events that were organised (including an awesome lunch with Poh - devo!) but I did receive an invitation to dine at the new restaurant at a time that suited me. No-one loves Malaysian food more than my Mum and Dad, so I invited them to join me.

PappaRich is a fairly young restaurant group, especially given the size of their 70 outlet world wide franchise. The first outlet opened in 2005 in Kuala Lumpur and the group currently have 15 restaurants in Australia, two of which are in Perth (Northbridge and Carousel). 

I had read about the lines at PappaRich Carousel when they first opened but assumed a few months on from opening, the hype would've died down. Apparently not! When I arrived on a hot Sunday at 12noon, there was an impressive line of about 15 groups. PappaRich don't take bookings, but as I was there for a pre-arranged visit, I was able to skip the line. I did enquire about the wait time and was told that the line does move quite quickly, so don't let it deter you!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Common Ground, Curtin University

Common Ground is a perennial favourite for staff and students at the Curtin University campus in Bentley. Located in the site that some may remember as Monties Cafe and the Noodle Bar, Common Ground offer an extensive cafe menu with plenty of gluten free and vegetarian offerings. Deviating from traditional menu names, the menu is full of made up (and hilarious) names which reference pop culture. Some of my favourites are the  'Margaret Hatcher' chicken burger, the 'Nicki Spinaj' pizza and the 'Pasta Rhymes' pasta.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Yelp's Beach Party


I went to Yelp's Beach Party today at the Sunset Veranda in Scarborough. The Sunset Veranda is a popup hub for the Summerset Festival and Fringe World Festival. Located on the grassed area behind the beach, the venue is very similar to the Urban Orchard Popup Bar in the Perth Cultural Centre with hay bales, crates, beanbags and pallet lounges (it's a hipsters dream!).

Before the event, I was interviewed by Famous Sharron for a Yelp promo video. I hope the video never sees the light of day... I think I used the word "real" about 35 times in the 2 minute interview. Yes... 'REAL'ly! Seriously though - the reason I like is that the people reviewing are real people using their real name and a photo of their face. :)  I also realised halfway through answering a question  about how I found out about Yelp that I wasn't telling the story of how I found Yelp, but was using someone else's (Perth's Yelp Community Manager, Laura D) answer that I had recently read. I actually don't remember how I found out about Yelp. I'm guessing Twitter. Everything I know, I learnt on Twitter! :P

Famous Sharron

The event was awesome. As well as two free drink passes, we were also treated to samples from the following vendors:

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Shilla, East Perth

I visited Shilla Korean Restaurant in East Perth late last year with my friend and fellow Korean adoptee, Leanne. We had organised to meet with one of the owners to discuss a possible event for Korean adoptees that we want to hold at the restaurant and thought it would be a wasted opportunity if we didn't grab a bite while we were there.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

La Cholita, Northbridge

My friend Miss Donna and I met at La Cholita for a girly catchup just before Christmas. I was running late. Really late. Like 20 minutes obnoxiously rude late. Thankfully Donna was very forgiving when I arrived with wet hair, breathlessly rambling about why I was late, after running from the carpark to the restaurant.

La Cholita has been on my radar for ages. I've heard great things and had always wanted to visit but for one reason or another, hadn't been.

We felt a cocktail was in order but when I realised that all the cocktails were Tequila based, I changed my mind and opted for a glass of white wine.

I hadn't seen Donna for a ridiculous amount of time and we had hours of conversation to catch up on, so every time our cheerful waitress would check on us, we would apologetically have to say "oh sorry, just a few more minutes!". After checking up on us a few time, she suggested we start with some corn chips and guac ($6.50) while we decided and we agreed.

Guac and corn chips ($6.50)
We eventually decided to order a taco each. I had the pork with pineapple and onion taco and Donna had the beef cheek pico de gallo. They were single delicious portions and at $5-10 a pop, you can afford to order more than one.
Slow cooked pork, pineapple and onion taco ($5.00)

We also had the Mexican Sweetcorn which was our favourite. Doused in creamy mayo and coated with chunky granules of salt, the corn was sweet, salty and delicious.

Mexican street corn ($6.50)

It was our intention to order more but we both agreed that we felt satisfied, not full but satisfied so decided to call it a night.

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