Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Galangal Thai Cuisine, Victoria Park

Galangal is a little suburban gem in Vic Park. With a 90% approval rate on Urbanspoon from some 130+ votes, I thought I'd head to the little restaurant to try it for myself. 

The Facebook page had announced that the restaurant had booked out on Saturday but when I called, they managed to squeeze me in at 8pm. Galangal recently offered a Groupon deal and the restaurant was full with a mix of voucher and regular customers.

We ordered the Green Papaya Salad, Green Chicken Curry, Beef Pad Thai and a serve of steamed rice. 

The Green Papaya Salad came out quite promptly. It looked good and the portion size was generous. Unfortunately the salad was far too spicy for me to enjoy or even finish. I can handle spicy but this was HOT! I'm not sure if it had the sweet, salty and sour flavours, as all I could taste was spicy.

My dining companion Vee is a big Papaya Salad fan. Like my 0 to Queens Cajun Chicken Salad scale, she has a Baraque Papaya Salad comparison measure. She also found the salad spicy and I sensed she was a little disappointed, particularly with the inclusion of tomato.

Green Papaya Salad $10

We had a really long wait for our mains. The chicken curry and rice came first. Thankfully the curry was milder than the salad but still had a hot kick (you have been warned spicy sensitive people). While the flavour was very nice, the curry needed to be warmer in temperature. It was lukewarm when presented to us with a lot of separation. 

Green Chicken Curry $18

Green Chicken Curry $18

Within 5 minutes, we were presented with the Pad Thai. At first glance, it looked like a generous serving but the big pile of bean sprouts deceived us. 

The noodles were good - I always order Pad Thai if eating at a Thai restaurant and this was good. On a scale of 0 to Ploy Thai (with extra sauce), this was an 8. I would've appreciated a few extra noodles personally and less bean sprouts. 

Beef Pad Thai $14
Pad Thai $14

We had a scoop of coconut ice-cream for dessert. A lovely inhouse-made creamy coconut ice-cream with little chunks of young coconut... it was delicious! (For those thinking it's too soft and melted, apparently this is how it's meant to be). 

Coconut Ice-cream $3

Coconut Ice-cream $3

Would I return? 
Yes... the service was exceptional and food was good. I would like to visit once the voucher rush has slowed down. I think restaurants can really struggle when honouring vouchers and I suspect this might've  been the case during my visit.

Galangal Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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