Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Review: Ploy Thai, Maylands

Lollybags for my guests because grownups need lollybags too!
Ploy Thai has been a part of the 8th Avenue scene for as long as I can remember. I had a disappointing takeaway experience about 10 years ago but after hearing positive reviews from locals earlier in the year, I thought I'd give them another go. I was pleasantly surprised and Ploy Thai has since become my local Thai takeaway joint.

I hadn't planned on doing anything for my birthday but the day before, I had a change of heart and decided that a impromptu meal at Ploy Thai could be fun.

The restaurant is tiny and it can often be hard to get a booking. Thankfully luck was on my side and I was able to snag a table for 6. I was even luckier to be able to recruit good friends to fill those places.

We started with an order of spring rolls. I'm not sure if the spring rolls are made in-house but they've very big and were devoured by some very hungry diners.

Spring rolls $6 (4 pieces) 
The table (minus Dd) ordered 'family style'. Dd chose not to be a part of the 'family' to avoid an anaphylactic reaction... so I suppose she can be excused ;)

We ordered my favourite Pad Thai. I forgot to take a photo but rest assured it was delicious and did not disappoint. I'm not a fan of sweet Pad Thai or excessive bean sprouts and Ploy Thai avoids both of these. The portion is very generous and made its way around the table twice.

 The Green Chicken Curry had a spicy bite which scared some of my diners. The meat to sauce ratio was generous. I didn't like the pieces of carrot and a piece of tomato, although I think the tomato was there for garnish and should've been removed. 

Green chicken curry $15
I only remembered to take a photo after the curry bowl had been around the table once - still plenty left!

The Beef Masaman Curry was really great and quite a mild but flavoursome curry. The meat was tender and although the meat and potato to sauce ratio wasn't as generous as I've had previously, it was an ample portion for us. I know that other diners have not been happy with the cut of meat being used in the Masaman curry - instead of cubed beef, they are now using thin beef strips.

Masaman Beef Curry $15
We also ordered a Chicken Kung Pow (stirfry chicken with fresh chilli and basil). I have had this dish before and it was pretty spicy, so requested it was mild and it was perfect. I forgot to take a photo but you can see it on my plate - aside from the Pad Thai, it was probably my favourite dish.

My plate - you can see the Pad Thai $13 and Chicken Kung Pow $15

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  1. Sounds lovely! Do they offer the traditional Thai sticky rice?

    1. Sadly no sticky rice.
      I think the choices were fried rice or jasmine.
      The menu is not huge but what they do, they do well. :)