Monday, 21 October 2013

Review: Typika, Claremont

When my good friend S popped over from Sydney for a long weekend and wanted to have brunch with PC and I, we turned to our trusty Urbanspoon app to find somewhere on the 'Talk of the Town' list. We selected #4 on the list, which at the time of was Typika in Claremont.

I was running really late (as in, I left 5 minutes after we were meant to meet late), so I'm not sure if my friends had to queue for a table. When I arrived almost 30 minutes after we were meant to meet, they had a table and had already finished a coffee.  (Sorry friends!).

Photo disclaimer: We were seated in a semi-open area where the sun streamed through and created dramatic wooden plank shadows on our table. I promise I was not interrogating the food and shining a spotlight on the plate. 

I ordered a fresh juice. It was nice enough but filled with ice and overpriced for the size. (I can't find a menu online, but I think it was about $7).

Even though I was the last to arrive, I was the first to order as I had pre-selected what I wanted during the week. From the moment I scanned the menu, I knew the Spiced Beef Benedict was for me.

 I was not disappointed with my order.  The gluten free bread was really good! It was possibly the best I've had. If you've ever had gluten free bread before, you know it's very hit and miss... and usually it's a miss. Typika's bread was light and fluffy with a normal bread taste. This might sound like a strange thing to say but I've eaten breads that taste eggy or had a strange indescribable aftertaste.

Spiced Beef Benedict (GF option) $18.50

There was a generous portion of beef hiding under the eggs and hollandaise. The eggs were a bit under-poached for my liking but better than being overcooked and the harissa hollandaise had a delicious creamy zing. If I was on a cooking show, I think we'd be nodding our heads and saying that it was the "hero of the dish".

Spiced Beef Benedict (GF option) $18.50

PC also ordered the Spiced Beef Benedict but on normal bread and with hard poached eggs. The eggs came out runny and were sent back. The second time was unfortunately not much better. The waitress was very apologetic both times. 

Spiced Beef Benedict

Would I return? 
Even though it's a little far from home, I would return. I was really impressed with my meal and service was delightful.  I would skip the juice and opt for a more reasonably priced hot drink next time.

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  1. Oh I'm sold on your description of the GF is such a win when places get this right!