Friday, 8 November 2013

Review: Aisuru, Subiaco

I have wanted to go to Aisuru since the original restaurant opened in Northbridge. I had plans to visit with a friend that we kept changing and in the end, we never got there.

My book club were going to see "The Book Club" at Subiaco Arts Centre, so I gathered the girls together for a pre-show dinner at Aisuru. The show started at 7.30pm and we needed to collect our tickets from the Box Office, so it was decided that we would meet at 5.30pm. Our relaxed plans quickly changed, as P and L were running late and didn't arrive until 6.05pm and 6.25pm. As I had been in Subi since 5pm and at the restaurant from 5.30pm, I ordered a bottle of Stella Bella ($40) and Sweet Corn Tempura while I waited. I was well into my first glass of wine when the Sweet Corn Tempura and P arrived... perfect timing!

Sweet Corn Tempura $9.50

People have raved about the Sweet Corn Tempura and it met an preconceived expectations I had. The sweet corn with the fried crispiness of the tempura batter was so moorish. We finished it before L arrived - sorry L!

L called to say she was 2 minutes away and by this stage we had about 30 minutes until we needed to leave, so we decided to order a few dishes to start with.

We selected the Plum Flower Roll, Spider Roll and Salmon & Avocado Roll.

Spider Roll - Small $11.50
Spider Roll: Fried soft-shell crab, cucumber and lettuce, wrapped in nori and shari. Topped with black sesame seeds and drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise.

I found the wasabi mayonnaise too bitey and overpowering and didn't enjoy this one as much as other dishes.

Plum Flower Roll small ($9.00) and Salmon & Avocado small ($11.50)

Plum Flower Roll small ($9.00)
Plum Flower Roll: Chicken teriyaki and avocado wrapped in nori and shari. Wrapped again in tamago egg wrap and drizzled with special plum sauce. 

An old classic with a little twist. This was one my favourites but for me, the most difficult to eat. I tried to bite it in half and made a big mess on my plate and the table. I think my technique was off which means I have no choice but to return and improve, right?

Salmon and Avocado Roll ($9.00)
Salmon and Avocado Roll: Salmon, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise, wrapped in nor and shari. Sprinkled with black sesame seeds and frizzed with unagi eel sauce. 

This was my other favourite. I love salmon and I liked the saltiness of the unagi eel sauce. I made a huge mess trying to eat this one as well. (More practice needed for sure!).

Still feeling a little peckish but also running out of time, we quickly ordered the Agedashi Tofu and Apple of Love Roll (which is on the vegan section of the menu). Thankfully there were no delays and our dishes were served five or ten minutes after we'd placed our order.

Apple of Love Roll small ($8.00) and Agedashi Tofu ($8.50)
The Agedashi Tofu was nice - the batter was very thin and crispy and served in a delicious tentsuyu broth.
Apple of Love Roll small ($8.00)
Apple of Love Roll: Cucumber, asparagus and avocado, wrapped in nori and shari. Topped with lightly seasoned sliced tomatoes. Torched and drizzled with special mustard sauce. 

This one wasn't for me... I didn't mind the cucumber and avocado filling but I didn't like the asparagus and really didn't like the tomato. It felt like a "what do I have in the cupboard" sushi experiment or a sushi salad.

Staff were lovely and very attentive. The restaurant wasn't very full - only two other tables were occupied when I arrived and when we left, there were about 6 tables occupied. I'm not sure what service is like on busy nights but on this particular Thursday evening, service could not be faulted.

They didn't have an ice bucket so our bottle of wine was put in the fridge to keep cool. Staff were on the ball and came around to top us up regularly. 

Would I return? 
Yes - I do think it was on the expensive side (however on par with similar places like Mr Munchies). The food was fresh, delicious and well presented.
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