Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sun BBQ, Northbridge

Sun BBQ...  I'm not why the Barocco signage is on the building's exterior.

There's something completely terrifying about turning up to a restaurant and not knowing the people you're about to meet. Will anyone like me? What if I get something in my teeth and no one tells me? Do I want them to tell me or would it be better to be blissfully unaware? What if they're a bunch of idiots? No... this wasn't speed dating, it was a Korean Adoptee dinner.

This is the second meetup that I had organised through the Korean Adoptees in Australia Facebook group. The first was a picnic at Hyde Park and it just happened that the people who RSVP'ed were people I knew. This time, only one of the 4 other people attending was someone I'd met before and she was running late.

We had originally planned to go to Namoo Korean Restaurant, however the restaurant didn't answer their phone the several times we called to book and when one of our diners arrived at the restaurant, she discovered that they were closed. After a quick Facebook team meeting, it was decided that we'd go to Sun BBQ on the corner of William and Newcastle Streets in Northbridge.

The Sun BBQ building was previously occupied by Barocco Restaurant and later Hana BBQ. The owner told me that they had been open for about a year and was not connected to Hana BBQ. The building has been split into two different dining areas- downstairs offers a Korean fusion cafe experience, while upstairs is dedicated to Korean BBQ. Upstairs was really busy and bustling on the evening we went... always a good sign!

Take Me To Foodie Heaven had authored the only blog post on Urbanspoon and had given a handy heads up about the storage stools. The stools are not only for sitting but if you open the lid, they can be used to store your stuff (very cool!). I was taking photos of the stools when three of my group arrived. It must have looked really odd but I think once I explained myself, they understood my fascination. 

Another cool thing about Sun BBQ are the electronic bells on the tables. I understand that these are very common in Korea and have noticed many Korean restaurants in Perth have brought the technology to Perth. I quite like it - there's nothing worse than being interrupted mid-conversation or being unable to get the attention of waitstaff.

The group was starving and also not very familiar with the restaurant, so we took the advice of the Manager (owner?) and ordered two Wagyu Beef Set menus.

The sets came with an array of side dishes, rice, a basket of lettuce, soup (we chose Miso and Kimchi Soup) and of course the meat platter. We were also served a kimchi pancake that we didn't order. I'm not sure if this was because we ordered two set menus, if they were feeling generous or if it's because he knew we were Korean adoptees*.

*I was at a Korean adoptee dinner where one of the other adoptees who speaks Korean told the waitress that we should get free extra kimchi because we were Korean adoptees. I think it might have worked and we got free kimchi.

Sun BBQ use gas BBQs

Fish cake strips - I wasn't a fan. Too fishy.



I think I could give Martha Stewart a run for her money with this photo. This was my least favourite side dish. The dressing was yoghurty and kind of sweet. 

Kimchijeon - Kimchi pancake

Miso soup

Kimchi soup

The waitstaff were very efficient but if you want to talk to someone, you need to speak to the guy (owner/manager?). He's the only one who seemed to want to speak English and was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Would I return? 
For sure! The portions were generous and the meat was good quality and very tasty. For $28 a head (excluding drinks), I think Sun BBQ represented very good value for money. My only gripe is that they didn't not have my two favourite dishes. The first being japchae, a lovely sesame mushroom noodle dish and the other a bean spout side dish (sukjunamul).

Sun BBQ on Urbanspoon

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