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Bistro des Artiste, Subiaco

Apparently I was the only person in Perth who hadn't heard of Bistro des Artiste.  The French style restaurant is owned by Perth 'celebrity chefs' (who I had heard of) Alain Fabregues (Loose Box) and Emmanuel Mollois (Choux Cafe) and everyone I spoke to knew all of this and more.

This year, my work held their Christmas lunch at  Bistro des Artiste. This was the first time they had been here for Christmas lunch but colleagues had dined at the restaurant earlier in the year for a function and were very impressed. 

Boxes filled with Lindt chocolates

The restaurant is really light during the day and the mirrored wall give the illusion of a large and open space.

On the day of our lunch, service was a little slow. It was well over 30 minutes before we were asked to select our entree and mains. There was a rumour that one of the ovens had broken that day but I'm not sure if there was any truth to this.

For entree, I ordered the Prawn and Avocado Feuillete. I felt there was a lot of pastry and the avocado and prawn were a little lost in the dish. 

Prawn and Avocado Feuilleté

Prawn and Avocado Feuilleté
 My colleague had a salad. I can't work out which one it is because it has gherkins but it also has olives. I'll let you decide...

Herrings with Potato Salad*
Marinated and Garnished with Gherkins, Onions, and Carrots
Salade Niçoise my way*
Pan seared tuna,   Green beans, Tomato, Potato Salad, Olives, and Cos Lettuce

For mains he had the salmon dish.

Cobble of Atlantic Salmon aux Aromates
with wilted Spinach and Beurre Blanc

Cobble of Atlantic Salmon aux Aromates
with wilted Spinach and Beurre Blanc
Another colleague chose the sirloin.

Grilled Sirloin
with Sautéed Potatoes and Béarnaise Sauce

For mains, I ordered the Confit Duck. It was such a hot day so perhaps this rich dish wasn't the best selection. I commented to a colleague that it was nice but it was so creamy and salty. She laughed and said "isn't that what French food is all about?"... Good point! ;) 

Confit Duck
with Sautéed Potatoes and Pepper Sauce

The timing of desserts was probably the most haphazard of all three courses. There were long intervals between service and people had finished their dessert before others were even receiving theirs.

Floating Island
I ordered the Creme Brulee which is one of my favourite desserts. It was delicious and it was huge! The dish was about the size of a bread plate and had a lovely orange flavour.

Traditional Crème Brulée
I thought it was a little bit runny but it certainly did not stop be from eating every last bit.

Traditional Crème Brulée
Part of the service being slow is that orders were taken but not attributed to a seat, so waitstaff were wandering between the three tables asking "Confit duck? Did you order the duck?". The same thing happened with drinks.

Despite the delays, the staff were delightful. There were four on the floor looking after our tables and three were very handsome young guys with delightful European accents. This did not go unnoticed by both male and female colleagues, with a definite appreciation from the female members of staff.

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