Monday, 9 December 2013

MillPoint Caffé Bookshop, South Perth

The MillPoint Caffé Bookshop or the 'Book Cafe' as it is affectionately called, is as the name suggests a gorgeous book shop and cafe on MillPoint Road in South Perth. Although located on busy street, the cafe is a quiet little haven where you can enjoy a coffee and cake, meal or simply have a wander through the bookshop. The Book Cafe has a quaint feel to it and is the kind of place that you expect to find in a movie with Meg Ryan standing behind the counter.

I have been to the Book Cafe once before with some friends for afternoon tea. I don't remember what I ate or drunk but I remember this:

This time, I went to the Book Cafe with my colleagues for an end of year lunch.
I ordered the Detox juice (carrot, pear, apple and ginger). It was nice and refreshing but didn't compare to the juice I had at The Dizzy Witch the day before.

I ordered the Gourmet Vegetable Stack ($14.50) which is described as
Seasonal vegetables served at room temperature, sprinkled with
goats cheese & basil pesto topped with a warm poached egg

Our drinks came to us quite quickly but we were waiting quite a while for meals. Thankfully, the wait was worth it! Everyone's food looked delicious and well presented. Being a work lunch, I refrained from taking photos of my colleague's food but did manage to snap a few of my plate.

I love a good vegie stack and this was one of the best I've ever had. The vegies were perfectly grilled and cooked and had just the right amount of basil pesto and cheese to offset the vegetables.

Gourmet Vegetable Stack ($14.50)
The egg was poached to perfection! No hard yellow bits to be found.
Gourmet Vegetable Stack ($14.50)
Would I return? 
Yes! We sat outside this time but I would recommend sitting at a table in the bookshop area. I'm a self-confessed 'bookworm' and being surrounded by books makes me happy. It can get a bit warm under the plastic roof in the outside area, so retreating inside to the air-conditioning might be a good idea on warm days.
The menu is simple but is done very well and in my opinion, represents really good value for money.

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