Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Dizzy Witch Cafe, Northbridge

I walked into the city to visit my Mum at the Perth Home Grown market and buy some fruit from Rowton's last Sunday. Google Map told me it would take a little over an hour. They fucking lied. It took a bit longer than that. 

I had planned to stop along the way for brunch. I first stopped at Daily Planet but they seemed a bit understaffed and after waiting for 5 minutes and not getting service, I moved on. I then tried The Merchant but there was a line of people waiting for a table. I kept walking towards Northbridge where both Sayer's Sister and Tarts were packed. I ended up at The Dizzy Witch which was busy but had a few groups leave as I approached. Perfect!

Meals and drinks are ordered and paid for at the counter and then delivered to your table.
I ordered a fresh carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice ($6). It was just what I needed after an hour of walking. I'm not sure what kind of juicer they use (perhaps a slow press?) but it was great - really creamy and thick with the perfect balance of ingredients. I was really happy that it didn't have iceblocks but was still really cold. I'm not a fan of ice in fresh juices because of the separation as the ice melts. 

The menu has cute names like "Griselda's Eggs Benedict" and "Mushrooms on Toast Esmerelda". I ordered the "Warlock's Last Meal" - organic bacon, free range eggs (cooked to your choice) on your choice of toast , grilled roma tomato, potato rosti, Dizzy’s mushrooms & beef chipolata for $20.

It was a pretty standard 'big breakfast' but it was well done. The generous serve of mushrooms were in a delicious herbed creamy sauce, the potato rosti was crisp on the outside with soft smooth potato inside and the eggs were perfectly poached.

Service was good and both my drink and food were served with minimal wait despite it being a busy morning. 

Would I return? 
I'm actually back at The Dizzy Witch next weekend for a Christmas Book Swap Brunch.
I'm relieved that it was good and am looking forward to my visit!

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  1. Glad the food is good. I cannot wait to try a juice on Saturday!

  2. Do you typically have this sort of food for breakfast? It is very unhealthy. I understand that you enjoy food, but you need to start considering your health too. Exercising is good for building strength and losing weight, but it does little to reduce the effects of an unhealthy diet.

    1. Thank you for you concern Cori Anna. This is not the kind of breakfast I typically eat on a daily basis.