Wednesday, 11 December 2013

These are a few of my favourite (handmade and local) things...

Through my Mum's involvement in the Perth handmade market scene, I get to see a lot of handmade artisans and local businesses. When I can, I buy handmade and local products and at Christmas I will only buy handmade and local items.

Disclaimer: I have become friendly with some of the sellers featured. This is not a sponsored post, however I was given a small sample from Fresca.


Chic Craft

Elaine from Chic Craft is a regular at Kalamunda Rotary Markets and does a few other markets around Perth, as well as offering online sales. Chic Craft creates gorgeous handmade memo notice boards and fabric prints. I think the pinup boards would also make great jewellery boards if you stuck a few extra drawing pins in them.

A great gift for all ages! 

Funky Fungi 

I see these garden mushrooms at Kalamunda Rotary Markets every month and love the vibrant colours. I think they'd be a wonderful gift to accompany a fairy book for a little girl.


This a great 'go to' place for small gifts. There's not a lot that $10 buys these days but it will get you a lovely little porcelain brooch from Simonette's. For those with a larger budget, the handmade bowls and milk jugs are gorgeous!


A few words: I had a really bad reaction to a mineral deodorant a few years ago and ever since, I've been really sensitive to products. I have tried quite a few of the natural deodorants and soaps. Some smell horrible, some don't work, some are just too hard to get, some are too expensive and some gave me a huge angry red rash. These are two that I've been using for a while that my body likes. Yours may not. If you do have a reaction, please discontinue use and see  your doctor or a dermatologist. 


I found Fresca about 18 months ago and have been using their natural deodorant ever since. They are a regular at the Kalamunda Rotary Markets.

For those who are conscious of  the ingredients, this excerpt comes directly from the Fresca website:
Fresca Natural deodorant is hand-made from food grade ingredients of purified water, vegetable gum and an aerated salt (natural carbonate mineral salt) which is then only blended with the highest quality pure essential oils.

All those nice things aside, the most important thing for me is that my skin does not to break out into a rash... tick! I've used both the Wild Lavender and Jaisara (ylang ylang and jasmine) fragrances. My favourite is the Wild Lavender which is actually a mix of lavender, patchouli and geranium.

Muddy Creek  

As well as deodorants, I have to be really careful with soaps and bodywashes. I've been using Muddy Creek soap for about a year. Despite the number of soap and body care stalls at the Kalamunda Rotary Markets, Muddy Creek are always busy and I understand why. I use the Olive Oil, Manuka Honey and Goat's Milk bars and have no problems with rashes or irritation.

They are 100% vegetable base and don't have any chemicals or nasties. They also last a really long time and keep their shape in the shower.



I think Oohlala makes some of the best preserves and jams in Perth.  What I like is that while they have traditional staples, there are also some fancier and more 'exotic' things like
  • Rhubarb and Raspberry 
  • Plum and Vanilla 
  • Wedding Pickle


Source unknown. Not even Google Images knew!

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  1. Hello Pia, Thank you for mentioning Chic Craft as one of your favourite things. It's still not too late to choose one for Christmas. I will be at Old Perth Road, Bassendean Twilight Market this Saturday. Elaine