Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cullen's Winery and Duckstein Brewery, Margaret River

After we checked out of our lovely accommodation, we visited Cullen Winery for some wine tasting and Duckstein Brewery for lunch before heading home.

Meelup Creek Cottages - the pond where there may or may not be marron

As I was driving, I opted out of wine tasting however the group who were able to indulge seemed to enjoy their tasting and several bottles of wine were purchased.

 In addition to wine, Cullen's also have a range of olive oil, jams and relishes available for purchase.

Duckstein was a short drive up the road from Cullen's. The large indoor dining room area provides a more formal space, while the outside area felt casual and had a playground area for the kids (and childlike adults). 

Keeping with my "I'm near the ocean so should order seafood" train of thought, I ordered the fish and chips but asked for my fish to be grilled instead of beer battered. Duckstein added a 15% public holiday surcharge (which is not uncommon) which sent my $27 fish and chips to $31.05. The serving was generous and I barely made it through half of the chips. 

Pilsner beer battered fish (except mine is grilled), served with chips, salad and house tartare sauce $27 (plus 15% public holiday surcharge which added an additional $4.05)

Bier Kuchen (Dunkel pie) $28 (+15% surcharge) - apparently the meat was tough and the dish was too salty

Schweinshax’n (for two) - Pork knuckle, served with mash, sauerkraut, Hefeweiss onions, Gherkins,German mustard & Duckstein jus  $63 (+15% surchage)

Schweinshax’n (for two) $63 (+15% surchage)

After we finished eating, we went for a walk around the grounds. Over the foot bridge, there was lovely open roof gazebo where we rested for a few moments before heading back to Perth.

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  1. WOW! That pork knuckle looks INCREDIBLE! What a feast!

    1. It's meant to be for two people - I hope those two people have big appetites! :P I think it would probably feed at least four!