Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bib & Tucker, North Fremantle

I have a friend who moved from inner-city apartment living in East Perth all the way to Freo. When she moved, I lamented very dramatically that I'd NEVER get to see her but promised I'd make one trip a year to Freo to visit. She recently moved from Freo to beach front apartment in North Freo (which in my mind is still Freo) and so I 'road tripped' down to check out her new places for my annual visit.

We met for brunch at Bib & Tucker, went for a beach walk and then went back to her flash new place for a grand tour. I've heard quite a bit about B&T and had read a few reviews. It seems that people love the location, the food and the venue but are indifferent about the service. I left with similar feelings.

The line to put your name down at a table and to pay are one in the same. Being a Sunday and Surf Club day for kids, the line was quite long when we arrived. It was probably a 10 minute way before we were seated. 

We were seated inside and I noticed that all the tables were minimum 4 seater tables. Looking around the cafe, there were about 6 other 2pax table. Our table was in the middle of the cafe and gave us good glimpse of the water.

Our drink orders were taken quite quickly. We both ordered chai lattes. Mine was delivered with an unexpected addition...  a hair! The waiter was extremely apologetic and replaced my drink promptly. The chai was lovely but a little grainy. The sediment that would usually sink to the bottom was floating around. This didn't bother me but it may disturb others.

The menu doesn't notate the gluten free choices but when I asked, the waiter told us everything on the menu could be altered to be gluten free. I pressed him about the Pulled Pork and Royal Blue Croquette being gluten free. He checked with the chef and it wasn't. He then said "but everything else is gluten free". I commented, "I don't think the pancakes would be" and he replied "oh I'm pretty sure they are... the chef said everything else is".  In the end, I ordered the Smashed Avocado on Gluten Free Toast (usually on corn bread) which came with feta, quinoa, rocket, cherry tomatoes and chive oil ($19).

The food came quickly and looked fresh and scrumptious (and it was!). It came with three pieces of gluten free toast. Coincidentally, it had the same number of cherry tomato halves. I could've done with a few more of those and a larger scoop of avo smash, as there wasn't enough for the three pieces of bread but this was probably a good thing as it stopped me from eating the last piece of toast. ;)

After finishing our brunch, we headed to the counter to pay. There was a bit of confusion with people lining to put their name down for a table, people wanting to pay and people who had already put there name down waiting for table. After a few minutes, we found our way to the front of the line and were told that you can sometimes pay from your table depending on how busy they are. I don't know if that meant we could've paid from the table or if that was just a "it's not always like this" assurance.

My friend and I agree that Bib & Tucker is somewhere that you would happily visit if you were in the area but not somewhere that you travel for. We also thought that some of the dishes felt a few dollars overpriced (eg Huevos Rancheros at $26). Given my friend's proximity to Bib & Tucker, I dare say I will be back.

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