Monday, 26 May 2014

The Trustee Bar & Bistro, Brookfield Place Perth

The Trustee has been on my list of place to go for the longest time so when my friend Pen suggested we visit using her Entertainment Book discount card, I jumped at the chance! 

We met on one of the first cold and windy nights where summer was turning to autumn. I overestimated my resilience to the cold and neglected to dress for the weather. Thankfully the downstairs restaurant was pleasantly heated.

We were sitting at a table for two in the middle of the restaurant along the wooden structure that divides the restaurant from the bar service area. I wouldn't recommend this table as it's right next to where menus are stored and when ever menus are returned, they are pushed into the wooden shelf until they hit the end... "thud" (and repeat 20 times!). 

The Trustee building is divine. As I walked into the downstairs restaurant, I felt like I was going to an underground prohibition bar with it's dark wooden furniture and exposed pipes.

The menu is not large... There were a handful of entrees, three or four pasta dishes and the same number of mains. Pasta and main dishes ranged low $20s to around $50. Also on offer were marron dishes and a grill menu.

I chose the Cone Bay Barramundi panzanella salad, romesco (41) which I really enjoyed. The impressive presentation was matched with an impressive taste.

Pen (my Director of Lighting - see photo below) chose some kind of pasta dish with beef* which she really enjoyed.

We shared a side of duckfat potatoes. Although we finished the potatoes, neither of us were very impressed by them. They were like hard little overcooked rocks on the outside and not much more appetising on the inside.

I'm not a dessert person but when I do order it, it's usually a Creme Brulee or Creme Caramel.  We shared the Creme Caramel. It was light, smooth and not sickly sweet. The summer fruits in the syrup felt like a little nod of acknowledgement to the weather that we were moving out of. I would definitely order it again if it was on the menu. 

The service was fine. It certainly wasn't outstanding but there wasn't anything terribly wrong either. The old gluten free chestnut had waitstaff running to the kitchen to check both when ordering mains and dessert. I'm always surprised when staff don't know the answer to gluten free enquiries, as I'm sure it's a very commonly asked question these days.

With the 25% discount from the Entertainment Book, our bill came to very affordable $96 total which included a pasta dish, a fish main, a side of potatoes, a dessert and two glasses of wine. 

 *The menu has changed and I am unable to get a description and price.

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