Thursday, 26 June 2014


My cousin invited me to join her at BROTHER using a Scoopon voucher. There was some issues booking on the phone when she called. Either the phone wasn't answered or when she did get through, they couldn't hear her. She was eventually able to get through via Facebook and was able to make and confirm a booking. Unfortunately when we arrived at the restaurant, there was no record of the booking and there was a large group in the restaurant celebrating a birthday. The Chef came out, apologised and made a booking for the following day. When we were leaving, he offered us a complimentary coffee (which we declined) and also informed us that the Manager who had dealt with this booking had since been fired. (Um... OK?).

When we turned up the next evening, we were offered a seat in the centre of the restaurant. Unfortunately BROTHER have an automatic opening sliding door, so we instead of being blasted with cold 5'c air, we opted to sit on the cafe side on the stools and high table.

I thought BROTHER was strange. The kitchen and coffee counter is gorgeous and oozes with charm and warmth but the rest of the restaurant didn't match. I think the automatic doors play a large part in this. If they can be turned off and opened manually, I think it would be a huge improvement. It felt a bit disconnect... part lunch bar, part hip cafe.

For entree, I had the Calamari (pan-fried calamari with kifler potato, chorizo and aioli $8.90), while my cousin had the Bruschetta (grilled bread served with tomato, Spanish onion, basil, grilled chorizo and fetta $9.00).

The calamari was good - I really enjoyed this dish. The serving size was small but it was enough for one person.

There was a generous three slices of bread for the bruschetta. I've never had bruschetta with chorizo but if I had, I wouldn't complain. Everything in life would be better with some chorizo!

We only had one napkin on the table so we shared... 

For mains, I had the Red Spot Emperor (herb and pepper encrusted Emperor fillet served with potato mash, asparagus, tomato and basil salad $15.90). I was disappointed. The herb and pepper mix was predominantly dry oregano that seemed to be added as an after thought. The flavour of the herb mix was overwhelming, the fish was rubbery and the mash was lukewarm.

My cousin had the Beef Scaloppini (thinly sliced cuts of meat dusted in flour, cooked in mushroom and Marsala liquor sauce served with creamy mash potatoes $15.90). I had a little taste and although the meat was a little tough and gritty and the potatoes weren't hot, the flavour of the sauce was lovely.

I think people had booked at Brother expected something else. There were a lot of very dressed up people (collard shirts, sports coats, high heels etc) who visited during our brief experience. There were a lot of people who seemed to enjoy themselves who were ordering coffees and desserts after dinner. For my cousin and I, we couldn't get out fast enough. Towards the end of the night the loud music started skipping and the speakers were blaring out crackling noise... this was our cue to exit quickly. 

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