Friday, 25 July 2014

Raffles Hotel, Applecross

Visiting the Raffles ticked off #9 on my list of AHAWA Winners from 2013. Late last year, I set myself the challenge of visiting all 31 winners. It is now July and with three months to go, it has become very evident to me that I'm not going to be able to do that (nor do I want to anymore).

The Raffles won an award for Best Retail Bottleshop. In hindsight, I should've just visited the bottleshop because my visit to the bar left me disappointed and feeling ripped off.

The night I visited, the Raffles was busy with an eclectic mix of young and old punters. We were seated on stools near to the bar and found it hard to get table service from where we were. We eventually did and setup a tab for the night.

I ordered the Fish and Chips ($32) but was told the chips weren't gluten free (I'm guessing they are beer battered and coated in flour) and was asked if I wanted a salad instead. I panicked a little and said "yes" but should have really stopped and ordered the fish special which came with mash and asparagus ($38).

Our drinks arrived promptly. Mine was cold but my friend's was room temperature. She went to the bar to sort it out and was given a glass from a fresh bottle.

Our food arrived really quickly which I was pleasantly surprised by.

My dining partner ordered the roast pumpkin, rocket, pesto, fetta, sun-dried tomato and pine-nut pizza ($21.50) which looked really good! She managed to get through half which I think means it was pretty good.

At $32, my fish and salad was a complete disappointment. The tomato was soft and overripe and the salad was bland and boring. The fish was a little overcooked but it was edible.

When I paid the bill, we were asked how it was. I said it was "okay", what I should've said was "for $32, my meal was disappointing". I'm not sure what the response would've been but I guess I'll never know now...

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