Monday, 28 July 2014

Sugar & Nice, Inglewood

My Mum and I popped into' new kid on the block', Sugar & Nice on the way home from the Vic Park Farmers Market and Taste of Sri Lanka Food Fair over the weekend. 

I was surprised that Mum suggested Sugar & Nice as we were in Vic Park (nowhere near Inglewood) and have an abundance of lovely little cafes in Maylands that we usually frequent. I wasn't disappointed to visit though because since I first read about Sugar & Nice on Pantry in Suburbia's Facebook page, I had wanted to check it out. 

On my way in, I spotted this little sign at the entrance about picking up takeaway. I'm assuming they'll open up the window in warmer months for people to be able to hangout on the street. 

The cafe is so pretty! Every little detail has been thought of and it is gorgeous!  It's a long and narrow space with the service counter on the right and a booth with tables and stools running opposite it. At the back, there's one table with a plush looking lounge chair (the best seat in the house in my opinion) and a little shop area which sells lovely designer looking jewellery and accessories. 

If I was to be critical, I feel there might be too many tables and stools along the booth. On the afternoon we went, the cafe wasn't full and most groups were able to have a table separating them from the next group. I think if you were sitting like ducks in a row, personal space and noise could be a bit of an issue. 

I ordered a Coconut Ball (perhaps it had a different name now that I think about it) and Mum had a Breakfast Slice. I didn't see what kind of chai they're using but it was a very nice soy chai latte! Sugar & Spice are using Karvan coffee from local purveyors,  Leaf Bean Machine and my Mum (who I think is a bit of a 'coffee snob') gave the barista skills a big two thumbs up!

Coconut Ball (front) and Breakfast Slice (back)

Breakfast slice (wheat free)

I didn't ask but my Facebook stalking tells me that all the cakes and slices are made in-house by Made by Marnee (who I believe is the owner of Sugar & Nice) which I LOVE! Let's face it, there's nothing worse than a coffee shop who has the same old stale cakes as a hundred other cafes around town. If the success of Mrs S and Sherbert in Maylands (who also bake in-house) is anything to go by, I think Sugar & Spice could be a real hit! 

PS - For those with allergies - do not fear, there were a few gluten free and dairy free options.

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